Do you want to hide your skin imperfections?

 Mancealer disguises all your skin blemishes to make you look and feel great all the time…

mancealer is proud to present Mancealer – the quality concealer for men, that won’t cost you the earth!Before and after mancealer

Disguise unwanted:

  • Blemishes
  • Marks
  • Redness
  • Tired eyes
  • Spots & Acne

After over a year of research the team behind Manza have assembled the best ingredients at the right price to bring you a discreet, affordable and effective male concealer. Perfect for those annoying spots and blemishes that pop up at just the wrong time, or for those dark eyes that always appear at the end of a hard working week, Mancealer allows you to look your best when you need it most.

Whether it’s part of your daily grooming routine, or for emergencies only, Mancealer is the solution to your skin blemish headaches.







Before & After:



The Manza Skin Care Routine

Before you think skincare is all about beauty and pampering your skin, realise that your skin is also a protective organ masking your muscles, blood and vital organs. Anything that important deserves considerable attention. Ironically, men do not take skincare seriously enough. Looking good with healthy skin is simple if you follow the Manza easy daily skincare routine:

organic shave cream

1. Shave everyday: If you are going for the clean shaven look then shaving everyday is key. Shaving releases collagen from your skin which makes it smooth and helps prevent wrinkles. Besides, it helps you look clean and groomed. We recommend MUHLE ORGANIC shave cream.






2. Cleanse: Cleansing keeps pores in skin open, allowing sebaceous glands to keep your skin moderately moist. Both very dry and very moist skin can be harmful. We recommend MUHLE ORGANIC Face Cleanser.


3. Exfoliate: Exfoliate two to three times a week. It pumps out the debris lodged deep in skin.




4. Moisturize: Apply a moisturiser to retain water in your skin and protect it from sun’s harmful UV rays. Use MUHLE ORGANIC Face Moisturiser.







5. Use a good Concealer:  Find it odd to wear a concealer on the face? Well, most models and celebrities you so admire wear it daily. Those annoying blemishes and red spots won’t go away in a snap of fingers. Mancealer is designed to conceal those blemishes and marks whilst being as discreet as possible.




“The secret to skin perfection…”

 So you’ve probably heard of it, seen it in the shops, or maybe seen your friends using it – but are unsure why you should use concealer for men? Read on…as we at Manza explain the many benefits male concealer can have on helping you improve the way you look, feel and act!

The alarm goes off early on a Monday morning; you drag yourself out of bed grimacing at the thought of hauling yourself to work and dealing with the list of ‘To-do’s’ you left on Friday evening. You look in the mirror and realise that no matter how high tech your new power shower is – it can’t wash away that drab, grey complexion – it was a heavy weekend and your skin is feeling it! Step in concealer for men…

Not convinced? How about that number you got on Friday night? They are keen to go for drinks but you’re sat in front of the mirror checking how that zit looks from all angles, under all types of lighting. Job interview? But you look like you’ve just stepped off a long haul flight from the moon with 2 small children kicking the back of the seat the whole way.

Whether you like it or not – it’s a fact of life that people who look their best, impress. Studies around the globe have shown looking at your attractive best can help increase your salary, seem more powerful, and look more intelligent.


Concealer for men is made for these occasions. Designed to cover dark circles around the eyes, spots, blemishes, shaving cuts, redness and any other skin imperfections – it really can help you look your best. How do you think actors, successful businessmen and models constantly look so good?

Worried about wearing make-up? Concealer for men is designed to be discreet. We’re not condoning caking your face in foundation, blusher and bronzer – male concealer blends into your skin tone looking completely natural.

So How to we advise you use it:
– Thoroughly wash your face with warm water – using a good facial cleanser or scrub.
– Shave, using plenty of good shaving foam or gel designed for sensitive skin
– Pat your face dry with a towel
– Apply moisturiser – but not too much! You don’t want it clogging your pores.
– Apply a thin layer of concealer for men for your skin tone, and gently rub into the applied area to smooth in with your natural skin complexion.
– Go out feeling great!

It’s time to man up and use Mancealer!